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Create a simple profile according to Islamic and Shariah compliance, while offering relevant information, and see a whole new way of finding your true match the Islamic way!


Using our various features, you are able to open up communications with other users who you think are suitable

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If you are looking for users in your geographic area, our system allows you to utilise this function. When using this function, your location will form the starting point and will alert you to users in the area. All user location information is hidden and therefore perfectly safe (only available when specifically selected by both users)

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See someone you like? Use the website to communicate and have further discussions to see if there is a mutual match, for a perfect life partner the Islamic way. All user data is safe and secure and will allow for limited scope of communication, without the need to give out any personal and/ or contact information

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Our website and features are response to your mobile devices, making it easier to utilise our platform while on the go.